The Honest Dog provides complete grooming services for your vaccinated pet. Choose from a Bath, Bath & Trim or Full-Service Groom (haircut).

All of the following grooming services are standard UNLESS declined (or your dog objects):

  • nails (trim or dremmel/grinder)
  • clean the ears and paw hair
  • sanitary trim
  • express anal glands (small dogs)
  • bathe, dry and brush

Dogs are bathed a minimum of three times; first with an anti-grunge shampoo to break up the coated-on dust, dirt and grime that naturally comes with doghood, followed by a gentle, conditioning shampoo and finally a light conditioning rinse. We can use any customer provided special shampoo of choice or a prescription product with no additional charge. Deep conditioning or anti-itch treatments are a nominal charge. Grooming services are also available a-la-cart.

Prices vary depending on dog breed, coat, condition, behavior and age-related conditions. Bring your dog in today for a guaranteed price.

Mary the groomer

Meet the groomer

Mary is at The Honest Dog 5 days a week. Monday is her late day to accommodate evening appointments and on Thursdays she’s available for early drop off. Please call in advance to schedule appointments. Mary also grooms on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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