Mary absolutely L-O-V-E-S all dogs. She joined The Honest Dog team in February and brings five years of experience in the Sacramento area. Here’s a snippet of a recent conversation between Mary and The Honest Dog owner Pamela:

Pamela: So how did you get your start in dog grooming?

Mary: Well, I’ve totally LOVED dogs all my life; for as long as I can remember. I was that little kid bringing home strays and asking my Mom if we could keep them. Of course I promised to do EVERYTHING to take care of the dog. Mom said “no”.

Pamela: How did you learn grooming?

Mary: I started out like all groomers; worked at a shop as a bather and that’s all you did all day…just wash and dry dogs, no haircutting. Then I worked my way up into learning the various cuts.

Pamela: What is it about dogs and grooming that you like the best?

Mary: Oh, it’s sooo rewarding (big smile) to see the dog look great and it makes me feel so good to walk the dog out to the customer and hear them say nice things about how great their dog looks; I love it.