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Back in 1995, one Sacramento woman had a vision to become pro-active in the health of her German Shepherd Dog.  Convenient access to the internet was in its infancy so dog-health information was difficult to find. She found the vitamin regimen that seemed to extend her Shepherd’s lifespan and thought that there might be other dog owners who wanted the same.  Her commitment to healthy foods, nutrition based products and quality services has made her dream come true. The dream is The Honest Dog.

The Honest Dog is Sacramento’s oldest self-service dog wash/grooming shop/health retail store.  Since opening in 1996, we have helped clean over 125,000 dogs in the Greater Sacramento area. Some folks and dogs have come from far away; on vacation with their dogs – but most of our customers are local dog lovers who appreciate the convenience of the do-it-yourself dog wash, our friendly, knowledgable staff and fantastic products.  We’re always happy to hear from you, give us a call 916-979-WASH.

So come in for our services, but come back for our great products.  Never fear, The Honest Dog is here.