Do you have gently used pet stuff that you no longer need? Are you looking for gently used pet stuff for an affordable price?

If you answered yes to either question, than the rePlanet Pets Program is right for you!

How it works:

If your pet no longer wants, needs, or is interested in his/her bed, training equipment, dinnerware, clothing, seasonal supplies, coats, toys, travel gear, or artwork than bring it in to The Honest Dog to have us take a look at it. If it is in good condition, we will sell it for you and give you a percentage of the resale value (your choice of money or store credit)!

If you are looking to purchase some new equipment for your best friend but don’t want to spend a fortune, come in to The Honest Dog to take a look at our selection of gently used pet supplies. We have the lowest prices around! We have all kinds of great stuff like beds, training equipment, toys, dinnerware, clothing, seasonal supplies, coats, travel gear, and artwork!

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