About Us

We are an fun loving group of pet lovers based in the Nevada desert. Our dogs are our best friends and babies and we treat them as such. That is why we only provide products made with quality and care as if we were making them for our very own fur babies. We may even have our scruffy sidekicks lick the labels with their personal stamp of approval. We employ the best practices, methods and equipment when creating each and every order. We want every dog to leave with their tails wagging and their owners smiling. We want them to be so happy we are forced to call the tail wagging police! We believe that your dog is a reflection of you so represent them in a way that tells both of your stories. Doggy personalities don't lie so they will be honest about who you are! We love your dogs as much as you do! Thank you for shopping with us! We hope you give us two paws up and a woof of approval!