Bunny Costume


This bunny outfit slips on and off easily and offers a comfortable fit. This outfit features a bunny design complete with bunny ears and a cottontail for a super cute Easter look!

One of the best parts of the spring is being able to enjoy a good old-fashioned egg hunt at Easter. It can be a delight to hide treats and toys all over the house and yard. Of course, it can be tough to remember where they all went! (Especially if it was the Easter Bunny who hid them in the first place!) If you're having trouble locating anything, we've got a helpful hint that will make the holiday even better. Just have your pooch help out on the hunt! 

Put an extra skip into everyone's step when you dress your pup up in this Hopping Bunny Costume. This front coat is a quick and easy costume that fastens around your pet's feet and neck to turn them into a bipedal bunny whenever they walk around. Between the floppy ears and waving arms, this little scamp will bring a ton of smiles to all! 

It's probably considered cheating calling the Easter Bunny to help find all of the missing eggs. But, when your pup helps out with their supernatural nose and this Hopping Bunny costume, you'll not only bring some extra fun to the holiday but find even last year's hiding spots! (Just make sure you've got a few doggo treats in there, too!)

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Neck Length: The measurement all the way around the thickest part of the neck

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Care Instructions

To best preserve the quality of the graphics and garment, please hand wash in cold water with mild soap and lay out to dry. Machine washing with harsh detergent can cause fading or peeling. Extreme heat can also have negative effects.


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